Belize Real Estate… The Good, The Bad and The Ugly

 DISCLAIMER I am not a travel agent or blogger but my U.S. real estate expertise has enabled me to give a heads up to the potential Belize real estate investor. BACKGROUND I am a California real estate broker with over 40 years of experience in selling, financing real estate and over 50 years of owning […]

The Dangers of Fractionalized Trust Deeds

* The information on this article has been updated on February 2020. The Dangers of Fractionalized Trust Deeds For years, this company has been warning lenders about the inherent dangers of investing in fractionalized trust deeds. Though this practice is standard throughout the mortgage broker industry, it is definitely not to the lender’s advantage. For […]

Basic Mechanics of California Real Estate Finance

Amortization to Reg Z Peter Rosenthal This Real Estate publication is the first outline of the course being presented today. It is expected that this course and outline will change slightly from time to time and any suggestions or criticisms are encouraged. Several of the following pages are intended as reference material and should be valuable […]

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The Story of Shyboy

If you ride in Griffith Park (Los Angeles California) you may have come across a Bay horse with a blaze, Happily walking, trotting or cantering along with no bridle. Though it is unusual to see a horse in the park with no bridle, it is truly amazing for this particular horse. Peter Rosenthal purchased this […]

Fraud: Do The Right Thing

By PETER ROSENTHAL, President V.I.P. Trust Deed Company April 2001 In the last six months, I have devoted two columns to real estate fraud. After each article I’ve received several calls and/or letters soliciting my advice on current ongoing frauds or readers indicating “that’s was happened to me”. After my last column on the subject […]

Foreclosure, Who Can You Trust?

By PETER ROSENTHAL, President V.I.P. Trust Deed Company September, 1992 Q: My husband is out of work and we are having trouble making our house payments. We recently received a Notice of Default, indicating that our house would soon go into foreclosure. Right after that, we received a phone call from someone offering to lend […]

Evaluating Potential Tenants

By PETER ROSENTHAL, President V.I.P. Trust Deed Company April 6, 1991 A recent column was devoted to my caution against lending money to a friend or relative. David Paul of Re/Max Realtors (Toluca Lake) sent me a poem that his dad gave him several years ago. It sums up, in a few sentences, my whole […]

Don’t Get Wiped Out

By PETER ROSENTHAL, President V.I.P. Trust Deed Company March 2000 Recently I wrote a less-than-complimentary article about the excessively high interest rate charged by counties on unpaid property taxes.  The thrust of that column was that 18% interest rates could easily snowball into an insurmountable amount, with the eventual loss of your house or vacation […]

Question and Answer

By PETER ROSENTHAL, President V.I.P. Trust Deed Company QUESTION:  We are buying a new house and have been advised to keep our old house as a real estate investment.  We would rent the house for approximately the amount of our mortgage payment.  (1)Do you feel this is a smart idea; and (2)What can you tell […]