Clients Comments

We would like to take this opportunity to share some of our clients comments with you.
The following letters were sent to us by our clients over the years.

Patricia - ... I was extremely fortunate to have you as my loan officer, as you made the entire process, from start to finish, effortless
Olga, Duarte, CA - You could only imagine how well I have slept since we met on the afternoon of November 11, 2008!!
Not only was our church able to keep the property but now since the beginning of this year we have a Homeschool Campus
Vatche Boyadjian - Boyadjian Properties - Although we have done business before, you amazed me this time
Mike Ismail - Such a fine institution as VIP is not possible without its incredible professionals
Sue Rice - Ruatha Farms, LLC - We knew we had a winning strategy - you made it happen for us
J.G. Construction, La Crescenta, CA - Your company truly saved the day--unbelievable!
Arthur Harutian - You have been truly my financial doctor...
S. Turner - Not only was getting the loans easy and quick you guys were great to work with
Barry Blythe - Murrieta, CA - You are all worth the drive
Mary - Anza, CA - I extend my sincerest gratitude and appreciation for the stellar efforts...
David Gutekunst - We can honestly say that in all the time, no lender has demonstrated the consistent level of overall professionalism that VIP has
Phyllis T. - I would like to thank you for your courtesy and cooperation whenever I call
Monique M. S. - Terrific! Is all I can say about your article in the News Press entitled - Bad Deals Versus Crooks.-
Tony A. - I really didn’t believe it could happen, but it did. We are impressed and thankful
Steven J. - ... A rare combination
Bette K. - You’re weekly column is so educational ...
Hal J. - It is very easy to say the words and tell someone how much you appreciate what they have done for you
David P. - It was truly an experience in painless lending
John R. Client and Newspaper Column Reader - Your column is a gold mine of information for home sellers and buyers
Jon Rich - Most of this would not have been possible without Peter’s rapid and expert backup
Mr. & Mrs. O. - Being somewhat of a novice where mortgages are concerned we fully rely on your sincerity and expertise...
Mark M. D. - I cannot tell you how impressed I was with your prompt response
Beverly A. J. - You do exactly what you say you will do
Michael A. R. - I want to thank you for your immediate and fair action in this matter
Daniel K., Katty H. - You exhibited a level of integrity that I am sure will not be repeated any time soon
Christian C. L. - From that experience we learned that most lenders are not as sophisticated as they would like one to believe
Steve H. - I will remember you as a source of smart, aggressive capital
Esther, Column Reader
D.C. Jenson - Column Reader
Jena & Keith A. - Column Readers
Elnore S. - I want to thank you for your kindness and the generous amount of time and consideration you gave me...

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