We would like to take this opportunity to share some of our broker comments with you.
The following letters were sent to us over the years.

Kenny Kuczway, The Mortgage Guild - I wanted to Thank You and your staff for a job well done...
Dear Peter:

I wanted to “Thank You” and your staff for a job well done on the Rancho Santa Fe Funding. The fact you funded a Four Hundred Thousand dollar Third Trust Deed, in less than one week, saved three different transactions. I have recommended you to all of our agents!
Thank You Again
Kenny Kuczway
The Mortgage Guild
Temecula, CA

Stevi Fielding, Dilbeck Realtors - So, I called you asking for a miracle! And, I was shocked with how quickly you were able to perform.
Dear Pete,
A very Happy New Year to you and all in your office!
Thanks to you, my Christmas was Merry and the New Year is Happy. Important transactions involving 6 ranches and ranchettes in more than one state, contingent one upon the next, which were within days of falling out of escrow…closed! I had heard for years of the miracles you perform, and when I found myself faced with what looked like a hopeless situation, I too turned to your office to “save” a difficult transaction.

The “kingpin” of this 6 property transaction, a commercial equestrian boarding facility lost its funding at the very last minute. My clients were badly treated by the former lender who promised everything, and delivered nothing. These buyers are extremely honest and hard working people who were about to realize their “equestrian dream”, and although I wanted to help them do that, I also wanted to protect them. I felt very confident turning them over to you, because, your reputation in the real estate community is not only as a “miracle worker”, even more important is your reputation as one of the most ethical individuals in our industry. In fact, I have been in meetings where you cautioned Realtors about suspicious activities and practices beginning to appear in our industry, and I have read helpful consumer and Realtor oriented articles which you have written. Many professionals appreciate and have benefited from your guidance.

So, I called you asking for a miracle! And, I was shocked with how quickly you were able to perform, …I came to you on a Wednesday at 4 p.m., and you were able to fund a $780,000 first trust deed in exactly one week! In addition there was a last minute emergency when the buyer was short of funds to close, AND IT WAS V.I.P. TO THE RESCUE AGAIN! Your clear understanding of just what was needed and how to accomplish it guided the Realtors, clients, and even the escrow and title companies to the successful closings. What an absolute pleasure it was to do business with you, and I look forward to more transactions in the future.

Stevi Fielding, Dilbeck Realtors, Christies Great Estates, and The Select Equestrian Properties Network

Don L. - I packaged the proper documents and put the lady on a plane the next morning and she had her money within a few hours.
Fred Crane
c/o First Tuesday
Riverside, CA 92516

Dear Mr. Crane:

I am a loan (mortgage) broker. Recently, I had a lady that came to me with a note and trust deed on land and mobile home to sell. The company that I submitted to, strung us along until finally she said: “I need my money tomorrow or forget it.” I called Peter Rosenthal, whose ad I saw in First Tuesday. Upon Mr. Rosenthal’s instruction, I packaged the proper documents and put the lady on a plane the next morning and she had her money within a few hours.

Mr. Rosenthal said that you would be interested in this story.

Sincerely, Don L.

Spencer B., Realtor - Your great service also meant a lot to the borrowers...
I have thought many times about the excellent service, which you gave me last December and finally felt moved to express my thanks in writing. Someone who is not in the business of real estate and real estate financing may not appreciate your efforts and skillful work as I do.


Your great service also meant a lot to the borrowers, Mr. and Mrs. Charles G., because if we had gone beyond Christmas, to close their escrow, they would have incurred a tax liability to the federal government. Your prompt action saved them approximately $13,000.00.

My sincerest appreciation, Spencer B. – Realtor

Nolan Taitano, Palm Realty Boutique - I'm very impressed with how well you and everyone at VIP have been
September 06, 2012

Here is the confidential info sheet from Mr. and Mrs. .t Please let me know if there is anything else you will need. Thank you very much for all the work you’ve put in to make this happen so quickly. I’m very impressed with how well you and everyone at VIP have been. To be honest I didn’t think it would be done as quickly and as trouble free as it has. Cheryl did a great job making Mr. T very comfortable yesterday at the signing and explained everything perfectly so he could understand. Please thank her also for us!


Nolan Taitano

Palm Realty Boutique
34 Hermosa Avenue
Hermosa Beach, CA. 90254
Direct Phone Number (310) 766-0292
Direct FAX (310) 388-5754

Don S., Realtor - ...your Real Estate Finance course has been far and away the best
I have just recently completed the educational requirements of taking the California Real Estate Broker’s Examination.

In thinking back over the mandatory courses, instructors, material and methods of instruction that I have been exposed to over the past three years in preparation for taking the exam, your Real Estate Finance course has been far and away the best.

To me it was extremely valuable not only from an academic standpoint but also as a practical day-to-day tool with which I could better serve my clients. Having taken your course, I am much more confident in tackling what were previously confusing and frustrating areas of the real estate profession. Before taking your course I was completely baffled by lenders and various loan programs. Today I can qualify clients, shop the best loan for them and make recommendations, which have literally saved them thousands of dollars and gotten them the house they wanted.

I just thought you might like to know…

Thanks Pete!

Best regards, Don S.

Martin F. - I enjoyed the professional, friendly and expedious, no-non-sense manner...
A short letter to let you know how much I enjoyed the professional, friendly and expedious, no-non-sense manner in which you and your staff handled our Indio Loan Transaction.

I can hardly wait until I submit another loan to your organization. I realize we can’t get each and every loan accepted, but my confidence in receiving the very best professional attention is solidly imbedded. Please give your staff my thanks!

Sincerely Yours, Martin F.

Clovis, I’ve learned so much from you…
Just a quick note to tell you how much I enjoy your “from the V.I.P.” in the leader. I’ve learned so much from you…

Thanks. See you soon.


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