Expert Witness Services

Professional Assistance with Trust deeds Matters Specializing in Trust Deed Fraud

Over Twenty years of expert witness experience, including cases involving:

  • Real estate custom and practice
  • Investor fraud
  • Prescriptive easements
  • Slander of Title
  • Broker Duty
  • Broker Fraud
  • Trust Deed Practice

Peter Rosenthal, V.I.P.’s founder, has been called upon by numerous attorneys to provide expert witness services in dozens of court lawsuits, arbitration’s and mediations throughout the State of California since 1983.

Keynote speaker before many real estate boards, professional organizations and service clubs on various topics, including but not limited to trust deed fraud. trust deed restructuring and the foreclosure process.
Law Enforcement
Has extended cooperation and advice to many law enforcement agencies in the area of trust deed fraud for over two decades, including:

  • Various California Police Departments
  • Los Angeles County District Attorney
  • Orange County District Attorney
  • Riverside County District Attorney
  • Contra Costa County District Attorney
  • Federal Bureau of Investigation
  • United States Department of Justice
  • California Department of Real Estate

Professional Affiliations:

  • California Mortgage Association (CMA)
  • United Trustees Association (UTA)
  • National Association of Real Estate Appraisers

Previous Memberships +20 years:

  • Glendale Association of Reators
  • California Association of Realtors (CAR)
  • National Association of Realtors (NAR)

Previous Memberships (No Longer in Existence):

  • California Independent Mortgage Brokers Association (CIMBA)
  • Mortgage Institute (MI)
  • California Trust Deed Brokers Association (CTDBA)


Peter has been used by California Department of Real Estate as an expert witness. The following are a few excerpts from letters on file regarding Mr. Rosenthal’s expert witness work. We have picked only a few that cover over twenty years of expert witness testimony.

Alan Jay Weil, Bushkin, Gaims & Gaines

“…Your knowledge of the trust deed loan brokerage business was very helpful in our trial preparation and I’m sure contributed to our eventual victory.”

Alan Jay Weil
Bushkin, Gaims & Gaines
(SEC v. Universal Financial)
January 23, 1983

I. David Small, Law Offices of I. David Small
“…In fact, the judge, William Masterson, told all counsel in chambers that you were one of the best expert witnesses he’d seen in 29 years as a lawyer and judge. He said that if he were still practicing as a lawyer, he would ask for one of your business cards…”

I. David Small
Law Offices of I. David Small
(Chafin v. A. Sentry Mortgage Corporation)
September 6,1990

Ronald S. Smith, Ronald S. Smith, A Law Corporation
“…The case is now settled. I believe it was in large part due to your analysis of the facts of the case which led my opponent to take a more realistic view of his position. Thanks again for your willingness to be a fair and impartial expert witness.”

Ronald S. Smith
Ronald S. Smith, A Law Corporation
(Miller v. Millman)
April 25, 1994

Robert C. Baker, Baker, Silberberg, and Keener
“This settlement and our ability to put — in a deep hole could not have been possible without your expert services.  Obviously I am aware that you testified as an expert, but you are an experts expert.”

Robert C. Baker
Baker, Silberberg, and Keener
(Shlens v. MDI SYSTEMS, ET AL)
June 1, 1998

James D. Hibbard, Bullivant, Houser, Baily PC

I’m writing to thank you again for your great work in the Bowers v. Washington Mutual Bank case.  Your willingness to serve as our expert witness on such short notice was incredible.  Your quick study and understanding of the issues was nothing short of brilliant.  I believe that your deposition testimony was instrumental in convincing the other defendants that they had liability in the case, and allowed us to achieve such a great settlement at the mediation.

James D. Hibbard
Bullivant, Houser, Baily PC
June 19, 2007

Law Enforcement Testimonials
Upon Request