Same Day Loan Approval

FAST CASH  fast cash on your California real estate

on your California Real Estate

Usually 10-14 days after verification of equity

V.I.P. has been arranging private party and pension plan equity loans on California property since 1976.
Our officers have over 100 years of combined trust deed experience. We have earned a reputation for decades of immediate quotes, quick closings and “no-nonsense” deals.
  • FAST CASH for purchase of existing trust deeds.
  • NO processing fees
  • NO warehousing fees
  • NO appraisal fees
  • Straight, honest quotes with no hidden garbage fees
  • Total costs quoted up front
  • Quotes do not mysteriously change when documents are drawn
  • Quotes usually within hours
  • Loans usually closed in 10-14 days after verification of equity
  •  Faster closings available
  • 1st, 2nd, and 3rd TRUST DEEDS
  • Equity Loans
  • Note Hypothecations
  • Blanket Trust Deeds
  • Swing Loans, Etc.
  • Horse/Ranch Property Loans

♦ Residential, commercial and multi-family, including lots and land

♦ Equity is the key for loan qualification

♦ Income or credit problems are usually okay

♦ Property can be anywhere in California

♦ Our in-house escrow service assures fast and efficient loan processing

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