Borrowers in Default

This Page is For Existing V.I.P. Borrowers in Default Contact V.I.P. to discuss payment options and forbearance agreements. Email: or Telephone: 818-248-0000 or 800-543-1199 The following documents should be available when contacting V.I.P.:  Current Mortgage Statements of all loans on property other than V.I.P. Loans.  Rental Agreements (if applicable).  10 digital photos of interior […]

Horse/Ranch Property Loans

Any property in California not owner occupied Land with or without structures 1st, 2nd, and 3rd Trust Deeds No money down loans* Substantial equity is important* Credit is unimportant We do not use banks or conventional sources for our loans. All V.I.P. loans are funded by our company or the use of private party funds. […]

Same Day Loan Approval

FAST CASH   on your California Real Estate Usually 10-14 days after verification of equity V.I.P. has been arranging private party and pension plan equity loans on California property since 1976.Our officers have over 100 years of combined trust deed experience. We have earned a reputation for decades of immediate quotes, quick closings and “no-nonsense” deals.

Owner Occupied Loans

After 32 years V.I.P. now refuses to make any loans that are “Owner Occupied” …our State and Federal Government have passed a series of laws that now makes this area of loans too “borrower friendly”.. we owe too strong a duty to our private party lenders to subject them to these hurdles.. homeowners that need […]

REO Financing

For almost four decades V.I.P. has provided “quick financing” for the purchase of bank and lenders REO’s. We have provided many millions of dollars of rapid funding to professional buyers who have made offers “all cash, close in two weeks” ..This type of offer, together with a prequalification letter, works wonders with banks and really […]