The Grass Is Always Greener

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V.I.P. Trust Deed Company
March 2000

I tend to slip my favorite expressions into my columns.  One expression that really has a deeper meaning is “The Grass is Always Greener on the Other Side of the Fence”.  If you really think about that for a few minutes, after you’ve had a beer or two, you’ll realize that that expression covers an awful lot of envy and jealousy that people often have because of their neighbor’s fancy cars, gorgeous wife or whatever.  Over the years, I’ve adapted that expression to “The Grass is Always Greener on the Other Side of the Fence – Until You Pay for the Fertilizer”.

I will eventually get to the real estate part of this discussion, but I wish you to again think about the expression and my adaptation.  Perhaps the neighbor’s gorgeous wife is a frigid shrew, constantly complaining, badgering and presently asking for a divorce.  Perhaps the fancy cars are leased with two payments behind.  Perhaps the neighbor works fourteen hours a day, detests his job and has $836 in the bank.  The bottom line on my adaptation is that beautiful lawns take a LOT of time and energy.

How to make money in foreclosure auctions.  These huge ads were popular in the 80s and Saturday morning television.  Then, and sometimes now, infomercials highlight average couples who have made hundreds of thousands of dollars after learning the “secrets of success”.  Remember the neighbor’s beautiful lawn – only dedication and countless hours will have a result.

Another title for this article could have been “Nothing is Easy”.  I’m sure you’ve discovered that in your own life, but I just thought I’d remind you in case these newspaper ads or infomercials catch your eye.

“The Forty Thieves” make a VERY GOOD living by attending foreclosure sales on a FULL TIME basis.  Each property involves hours of research and the vast majority of these sales are postponed time and time again or cancelled.  Once in a while one of these full-time foreclosure chasers does make a substantial profit, just like the miner who pans for gold:  eventually a nugget will be found.  In the mean time, the gold miners ruin their backs and freeze their “feet” off panning in frigid streams.

The most intriguing thing about these seminars is that they are FREE.  I’m sure you have heard the saying “no free lunch”.  After reading this column, I’m hoping that you will not be naïve enough to believe you will learn how to make easy riches by attending a free seminar.  The only thing you will learn at that “free” seminar is how much money you MAY make if you purchase books or tapes for $50 to $600, or perhaps take advantage of a two to three day course in “easy money”.  These courses can range anywhere from $5,000 to $10,000.

Big newspaper ads offering courses in government seized automobiles, free government money, Rolls Royce’s in one day or whatever, are ONLY worthwhile if you’re willing to carefully study the tips offered and devote 50 to 80 hours a week trying to learn to swim with the rest of the sharks who already know the field.

In conclusion, it should be obvious that the GET RICH QUICK promoters are, in fact, trying to do just that by selling you their products.  You may remember one promoter getting BUSTED a few years ago.  The Rolls Royce was borrowed (or rented) and the couples were phonies.

Peter Rosenthal
VIP Trust Deed Company